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Take tour of The ON LINE McCrone Atlas of Microscopic Particles by the The McCrone Group - Analytical Services - Instrument Sales - Microscopy Learning - Online Atlas - Online Journal Modern Microscopy The McCrone Group is continuing to be a leader in the 21st Century by putting their Microscope Particle Atlas on line at a price anyone can afford to use for even a small personal project at $12.95 a month or $119.95 a year. It is indexed to the old standard print Particle Atlas as well to give it the most versatility. Here is a history of the Atlas. In the month I used it I found the on line computer indexing much easier to use than the system that was used for the print versions. There is enough functionality in the on line Atlas to get a feel for how it works with out having to subscribe to it to see how it works. All the links of The McCrone Group are interesting to me.

BioMed Central publishes 177 Open Access Journals.

BioMed Indexing Service.

The BMC-series journals Editor Melissa Norton MD The BMC is a group of open access, peer-reviewed research journals that covers areas of biological and clinical research. There are now 61 journals in the group (see list). BMC Biology and BMC Medicine are highly selective journals, publishing articles of broad interest; the other 59 journals in the series focus on specific disciplines.

BioMed Central also has developed the the technology so others can edit their own Open Access Journals under their own control. So far, 111 independent journals have already been launched, and there are Here is what it takes to start an Open access Journal with BioMed Central. See what some editors say that have done it.

Journals with mixed access.

Micscape is the premier on line microscope enthusiasts magazine and one of the best on line publishing efforts on the Net. This is the most complete set of how to articles and information for amateurs interested in microscopes and other information on micro and macro world around us. Dave Walker and Maurice Smith have been collecting information from contributors around the world for seven years, free for all to enjoy.

The Quekett Microscopical Club the oldest microscope club in the world. The term club is somewhat a misnomer since it publishes a peer reviewed journal.

Editor Rik Littlefield & Moderators Danny Young, Doug Breda, Ken Ramos, Michael Keniston, Rik Littlefield, Sue Alden & Thomas Webster. have a very well done site Amateur Microscopy they have an active form, articles and stunning photos. And unlike many forms are an active open group that is getting some very good things done. Also they are publishing an Internet community Photomacrophy It has some professional level work in Photomicrophotography as well. It has a form and gallery as well.. This one is worth looking into and joining. They got caught up in a terrible problem with service providers that required them to change domain names. The old forms are archived at and

sad The Yahoo Microscope Group “This list brings together people who are interested in microscopy as a hobby or profession. Let's share tips on equipment, supplies, procedures. Topics might include collecting or culturing algae, protozoa, bacteria or other specimens. Although the emphasis is on light or optical microscopes, all technologies are welcome. Photomicrography (silver-based or digital) discussions are encouraged.”- list owner Phil The group has members that a children beginning with a hand lens to heads of electron microscope facilities and everything in between. I am one of three moderators on the list. We try to see ever new member's questions get a reply. They can't all be answered but they all can be acknowledged.

The Microscopy Society of America publishes a professional journal Microscopy and Microanalysis and a trade journal Microscopy Today and have on of the best examples of a professional on line mailing list on the Internet. Back issues of Microscopy Today are on line from the Microscopy Society of America. there is a is a six month embargo after the date it is published on the magazine before it becomes open access to the public. Starting with the November 2004 issue the magazine have high resolution images with text that can be searched prior to that they appear to be scanned copies of the magazine. This makes this make Microscopy Today available to everyone that has an Internet connection no matter were they are. If you want exposure to the professional world of microscopy in North America Microscopy Today is good vehicle to use to accomplish that end. They aggressively seek material for the magazine and If you want to work in the field Microscopy Today is a good way to get name recognition. By making it free they make every effort to put Modern Microscopy in the hands of every microscopist in the USA, Canada and Mexico. There is a subscription fee outside those areas. It is advertising supported trade journal, not a peer reviewed journal. 

Microscopy Today still has a good deal work in it on light Microscopy and is owned by the Microscopy Society of America it is published every other month. 

Beyond was the late Marly Cain-Fryman’s innovative science magazine. She presents science with a very fresh look that is interesting and doable by the sub teen or the octogenarian. Marly also publishes Beyond for Kids . This is the one of the best applications of education on the Internet I have seen. She is missed by many of use and her work is still on line.

Directory to Open Access Journals. On line scientific journals that have full public access. 6/7/04

The Microbiology Network leads to several mailing list of interest to microbiologists and biotechnologists.

The San Francisco Microscopical Society home page,

Science Express a free on line magazine from the publishers of Science.

Nature's free on line magazine.

NASA Tech Briefs to Subscribe for free electronic or paper editions search past issues.

The Microbiology Network leads to several mailing list of interest to microbiologists and biotechnologists.

Scientific American on line complete with annoying pop up widows. Select advanced search in the upper left and check previous issues and enter Shawn Carlson in the search field and you can get full text of all the discontinued Amateur Scientist columns he wrote. 

Society for Amateur Scientists Shaw Carlson is continuing the effort he started while working for Scientific American supporting amateur scientists efforts.

Online journal of electron microscopy . Oxford on line journals. Search engine for a number of Journals but requires subscription for full text.

CAB Abstracts CABI Email News. CAB Abstracts is a mixture of Open Access and for fee information on Agricultural and related sciences out of the UK. As with the rest of publishing the open access articles are growing fast.

ALL Links Broken Public Accessible Mailing lists. Use search index to find lists of interest. The collection is not complete. It does not list any of the microscope related mailing

Open Mind Journals on line abstracts. Applied Bioinformatics, Applied Biotechnology, Food Science and Policy, Applied Environmental Science and Public Health, Applied Genomics and Proteomics, Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, Applied Population and Policy. 10-13-02