Improved Technique for Idificationion of Plant Fragments in Herbivore Feces, Ian Clunies for CSIRO Australia.

Hotel Intestine is a site on parasites that has a great deal on protocol from collecting to mounting and some identification keys. Built by Dr. R. E. Clopton at Peru State College, Nebraska

An online invertebrate course with a wealth of information  on invertebrates, recipes, procedures and sources.
Hosted at Lander University by Richard S. Fox

Miscape's Pond life identification page .

Prof. Rupert Lenzenweger & Günter H. Stanjek's page in German on desmids identification . I can't manage the text very well but the illustrations and the names work in any language as do the lovely illustrations.

USDA's manual for collecting and preserving insects and mites . It loads slowly but it's worth it.

Great Lakes Diatoms E. F. Stormer's page making widely available and cataloging the inventory of diatoms of the Laurentian Great Lakes of North America.[Irratic connection to web.

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