General Microscopy

Rice University does one of the best pages I have found that explains the basics of compound microscopes . For newcomers this is the place to start.

Ron Neumeyer's
Light Microscopy Forum is required reading for the amateur. It has an excellent explanation of the microscope, great pictures and a great collection of links.

Olympus has an excellent resource on how microscopes work with Java tutorials by Olympus . It covers a broad range of subjects that relate to microscopy and optics.

WWW Virtual Library : Microscopy is a collection of list of microscope related topics maintained. Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy Laboratory at Oklahoma University , Norman, Oklahoma.

Southern Microscope Service's Home Page.  It covers all parts of the microscope and lighting.

From the Antique Telescope Society selected ATS Journal articles useful for restoring, cleaning maintaining telescopes, books, etc. It is very informative about cleaning optics.

Dr. Eugene Small's course on the subject, Principles of Light Microscopy at the University of Maryland. It covers the basics of using a microscope and most types of light microscopes. It also covers Culturing Protists, Sources of Protozoa, Procedural Methods for establishing cultures, A simplified antibiotic treatment for obtaining axenic cultures of marine phytoplankton, From the Wild to the Lab: Isolation and Cultivation of Marine and Fresh Water Ciliates. It also has directions for stains and cultures for saltwater plankton.

Molecular Expressions web site has a number of  java tutorials , an excellent picture gallery, a microscope museum and link to NikonU which provides an overview of many aspects of microscopes.

Lens Cleaning by Robert Monaghan.

John Moran shows how to build a jig to sharpen microtome knives and plans to build a slide ringer on his Balplan Microscope site. He also has an  excellent piece on maintenance and cleaning microscopes.

A history of Wild Heerbugg.

Leica's web page .

Nikon's Microscope University covering a wide range of subjects of interest on all types of light microscopes and a stunning picture gallery.

The Microscope , Science by Design. This display shows a variety of microscopes from the Macleay Museum’s collection and emphasises some different types of design.

Updated by Gordon Couger July 8, 2002