Education Resources & Other Links

Project MICRO The Microscope Society of America's outreach program for middle schools Caroline Schooly manages  an extensive bibliography of books, videos, CD-ROMs, and websites and coordinates the resources of MSA with teachers to help with science programs in  US schools a variety of ways including local volunteers.

HOW TO BUY SCHOOL MICROSCOPES Caroline Schooley's page for MSA 's MICRO project on buying microscopes. Most of it  applies to anyone buying a microscope.

GEMS : Setting standards for excellence in supplementary education materials a teachers resource for science and math. 

Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center formerly the Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center is a gold mine of biological science links and resorsorses.

Stalking the Mysterious Microbe ! by the American Society for Microbiology. A site aimed at kids but has information we all can use.

The Glenbrook South Physics home page. An animated physics lab and lecture with animations.  Polarization is an example.


L. Bullayya , Director of Public Instruction, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. Publishes a Science Teachers Handbook for third world countries. We can all learn something here. It has methods for using improvised apparatus as basic as making a blackboard from scratch.

The Woodrow Wilson National Leadership Program in Biology Excellence programs for teachers and students.

CATO Institute's Biotechnology Information Directory - The WWW Virtual Library. An institute that promotes biotechnology and has extensive links to biotech information. Regardless how you feel about this controversial subject the information here is useful.

Rats , mice, hamsters and others and all about them part of Vet Net & The Electronic Zoo maintained by Ken Boschert, DVM , Associate Director, Washington University.

Commercial resources that work with educational instructors.

Microscope World comes highly recommended as a source of inexpensive microscopes. They also have reasonably priced parts, supplies and other useful resources.

SPI's catalog page of light microscope accessories.  SPI Supplies is an amateur friendly source for microscope laboratory supplies and equipment with reasonable minimum orders. They also are a cutting edge source for hard to find items for the professional in all areas of microscopy and microanalysis. They have an online shopping cart system for online credit card orders that are filled with the highest priority for domestic and world wide customers. SPI also has amateur friendly distributors world wide. SPI deals in a very time sensitive industry. It is nice to have companies that will take the time to deal with amateurs and educators.

Dunn Products a commercial site with kits and software for education. It uses frames so you have to navigate on your own.

Ward 's Is a source for sciences supplies for education.

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy , Inc does stock and contract photography. Images may be used for educational usage. The photographs are stunning.

Southern Scientific will sell some cultures, media and such to amateurs. They have a good selection of science supplies.

Carolina supplies science supplies to amateurs and schools. They have an excellent reputation.

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